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UPSR and PT3 Cancelled - What Do Parents Do Now?

UPSR and PT3 Cancelled - What Do Parents Do Now?

The BIG QUESTIONS we're having right now...

  • What does this mean for our children, parents and teachers?
  • How do we move on from here?
  • What will happen next year?
  • How do we respond to the situation?

… (so many questions)

Find out the answers to the above in our exclusive interview between @Eileen Leong, a daycare tuition owner and teacher with a big heart for her students…

If you want to contact Eileen on how she can support your children in their education, or if you'd like to try out her online learning program, you may Whatsapp her directly here: https://bit.ly/whatsappeileen

To learn more about Eileen’s Daycare Centre, click here to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/kidzvcare/ (give her a LIKE!)

If you want a free hands-on to our online learning platform, you may apply for FREE Trial here: https://www.freevschooltrial.com

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