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What To Do During A Child Tantrum (Watch How This Father Does It)

What To Do During A Child Tantrum (Watch How This Father Does It)

Yes it happens, and as a parent if you’re not prepared, then you might react and how you reach will have a lasting impact on your child’s life…

Watch how this father holds the space for his daughter while she is having her tantrum. And the reason why he is able to do that is because he understands and knows what to expect.

Here’s the video…

We’ll put in the captions here so that you can revisit this section again in the future for a refresher after you’ve watched the video…


“This dad was staying calm and patient during his child’s tantrum. She spent a long time crying and sulking. He gave her SPACE, RESPECT, and LOVE.

In a follow-up video, Joel Mitchell expresses that throughout his child’s tantrum, he was PREPARED. Joel knew that she’s been building up the pressure for about 2 weeks.

He knew that she needed an opportunity to VENT IT OFF. That’s not a normal fit for her. She returned to her dad’s arm to cry.

Joel shared that he’s actually not that patient. But he knew what would happen, what to expect and kept his emotion under control.

This dad is really kind and patient. Many people said to him that they couldn’t endure a child’s temper tantrum for such a long time.

It’s a challenge to many husbands and dads nowadays.”

Remember to share this with someone who is a dad or a husband so that they can be prepared to handle this when it happens.

Happy parenting and continue to love.

Source: Trending World by The Epoch Times

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